Trimley Saints Players


January 2007 

Jack & The Beanstalk

The Cast


Idle Jack                                 Claire Perkins

Princess Rose                         Millie Carey

Dame Trott                              Dudley Knights

Dozy Den                                Richard Lock

Buttercup the cow                    Thomas and Martin Seaman

Fairy Beansprout                     Jessica Brown

Poison Ivy                               Kim Heuer

The King                                 Simon Hopkins

The Prime Minister                  Tony Rodwell

Blunderbore the Giant              Richard Gifford

The Giantís Housekeeper         Eve Hughes

Spider                                    Heather Gosling

Harp                                       Danielle Perkins



 Daphne Armstrong, Amber David, Anne Duncan,

Janet Garnham, Richard Gifford, Charlotte Hearn,

       Eve Hughes, Danielle Perkins, Sophie Sharpe, 

       Jim Wearne, David Wren

                                                                                                                Director                                Diana Seaman


                                                        Musical Director                John Bellamy


                                                      The Band


                                                        Musical Director / Keyboards    John Bellamy

                                                        Percussion                               Don Young

                                                        Bass Guitar                              Ian Palmer

                                                        Guitar                                      Kevin Ballard