Trimley Saints Players



September 2007


                                                    ACT ONE


Mrs.  Muddlecombe

Tribute to “the King”                                 Richard Gifford, Dudley Knights,

                                                                   Tony Rodwell, David Wren

Motown magic                                           The ladies

The vicar of St. Kane and Able                  Dudley Knights

Fame / Grease                                           Charlotte Hearn, Richard Locke,

                                                                   Danielle Perkins, Amber David,

                                                                   Sophie Sharpe

Four Candles                                              Dudley Knights,  Tony Rodwell

Time Warp                                                 The Company

                                                     ACT TWO          

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Eve Of The War                                         The Band                                                  

Jack the Ripper

The old boys at the hospital                     David Cook, Dudley Knights,Tony Rodwell

Little Shop of Horrors





Anne Duncan

Janet Garnham

Charlotte Hearn

Eve Hughes

Claire Perkins

Chloe Quantril

Diana Seaman





David Cook

Richard Gifford

Simon Hopkins

Dudley Knights

Richard Lock

Tony Rodwell

Jim Wearne

Neville Woolnough

David Wren

               JUNIORS                                                              Amber David, Sophie Sharpe, Danielle Perkins

               THE BAND

                                            Keyboards                   John Bellamy

                                            Guitar                           Kevin Ballard

                                            Bass                             Ian Palmer

                                            Drums                          Mick Waters