Trimley Saints Players


September 2001

  Little Shop Of Horrors


Audrey                             Claire Perkins

Seymour                          Ashley Howard

Mr Mushnick                    Dudley Knights

Little Shop Of Horrors PhotosOrin                                 Tony Rodwell

Voice of Plant                  Richard Gifford

Plant Puppeteer              Richard Smith

Crystal                             Jan Needle

Ronnette                          Jan Green

Chiffon                             Diana Seaman

lnterviewer                      Richard Smith

Nurse/Mrs Luce                Anne Duncan

Agents                              Jimmy Wearne


People of Skid Row,    Jimmy Wearne, Richard Smith,

Customers & Patients  }      Anne Duncan, Richard Gifford.


Director                         Angela Billing

Musical Director         John Bellamy


             The Orchestra

Keyboards                        John Bellamy

Drums                               Barry Grunnell

Bass                                  Ian Palmer