Trimley Saints Players


September 2004

'Allo Allo'

Allo Allo Photos                       Cast List



Rene Artois                           Dudley Knighls

Edith                                     Janet Garnham

Yvette                                    Sheryll Osbiston

Michelle                                Jan Green

Mimi                                      Diana Seaman

LeClerc                                 Jim Wearne

Waitress                                Anne Duncan

Peasant Girls                        Kim Heuer & Sorrell Leeming

Peasant Men                         lan Forsdyke & Conrad Gardiner



Colonel Kurt Von Strohm      Robert Hutchings

Captain Alberto Bertorelli     Tony Rodwell

Herr Otto Flick                       Richard Smith

Helga                                    Claire Perkins

Lieut. Gruber                         Neville Woolnough

General Von Schmelling       Richard Gifford

German Soldiers                    ConradGardiner, lan Forsdyke &Anne Duncan

Front of House Germans        David Wren & lan Firman



Crabtree                                 David Cook

Airmen                                    Conrad Gardiner, Ian Forsdyke

The Radio Voice                     Daphne Armstrong

The Cinema Voice                  Ian Forsdyke

The Blow-Up Dolls                 Obtained by Jan Green

                                               ( we didnít dare ask !!! )

The Dummy                             Russell Smiths

The Cockatoo                          Polly Parrot

                                               (Trained by Dudley Knights)

Sausages                                sponsored by Bridget Gosling


The Director would like to point out that the parrot was

inhumanely mistreated at all rehearsals and apologies to

any bird lovers in the audience that this might offend!